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trust yourself. you know more than you think you do.

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So...I finally met with the DJ. That was kinda close. Frankly closer than I'd like it to be. But all of those fears are settled. I sent him the list of music we'd like. I also sent him the itinerary. Speaking of which...YAY THE ITINERARY IS FINISHED!! Thank god. No really. Seriously. That was one of the hardest things to make. I also sat down and finally got the list of formal photos done. So that's good. So I think besides giving the DJ the few CD's I couldn't find today. And helping him get the music that I asked for (some of it is so obscure)...we're good. Wow that feels good to say. And I got some of my last minute questions in to the lady at the center. Whooo hooo. Now it's just to get the groom's cake worked out. Figure out the count of adults and children for the caterer. Oh and the big one...the marriage license. Speaking of which I should really quit typing on here and go gather up the important documents so that I can have everything ready to go for tomorrow. Oh and wake up early. Note to self...wake up really fracking early...
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I am too much of a control freak. I really need to just breathe, let go...and trust that everything will turn out. But I can't. Which is why I didn't sleep last night and I probably won't tonight either...or any night until after the wedding. Worry, worry, worry...I swear that's all that I do...
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13 days and counting. Time to go make programs...after I go outside with Mason to play for a while. Mom first, bride second. :)
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I'm going to stop thinking about the wedding planning nightmare that I feel like i'm stuck in and i'm going to go out and enjoy my night tonight. I'm really excited for my bachelorette party and have been since I heard what it was going to be. I trust my friends and the fact that they won't put me in a situation that I won't be comfortable in. Also, I really haven't been able to go out since turning 21, so this is really my chance to go and relax and have a good time!! Then back to life as a mommy and future wife tomorrow. :)
* * *
Here's to finally getting this house in order. The way I want it. Here's to being realistic about the spare bedroom. It is a spare bedroom. Until I'm 20 or so weeks pregnant it will be nothing more than a spare bedroom. This isn't going to happen in the next month or two at least so I might as well deal. It contains my desk and a bookshelf, therefore I will unpack boxes that can go on the bookshelf or in the desk. I will be realistic about unpacking and get rid of things that I haven't touched in the last 2 years. There...now to get to work.
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Things I'm doing immediately after the wedding...

1.) Cutting my hair off

2.) Saving up for a new family car

3.) Getting on James' insurance so I can get new glasses

4.)* Going to the chiropractor and getting my damned back fixed. Seriously, this whole pinched nerve since pregnancy thing is getting ridiculously old.

*This is probably the thing I'm most excited for apart from cutting off my hair.

* * *
Thank goodness we both work full time because I feel like all I'm doing is spending my money on wedding stuff. :) If I could, I'd be spending it all on cloth diapers. I love that I can use them for baby #2 and they're ADORABLE. Anyways, I should go to bed now...g'nite!!!

Oh, and we have the cutest baby EVER. I could just sit and watch him all night, he's so adorable and so much fun! :)

* * *
Things I love...

My James

My Mason


Cloth Diapers

A Clean and Organized House




Claudia's Hair


* * *
Mason wore cloth diapers all day yesterday!! :) Makes me so happy. And it's easier on our wallets anyways. I bought three used diapers from the local maternity boutique...yay! Hopefully those will work as well as the gdiapers have. I found a rental program today for newborn diapers. Add that to the list of reasons why I can't wait to have another one! :) Looks like i'll be upping our stock of diapers soon anyways, I found some that might actually work for at night so that we can stop using the disposable inserts. :)
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Tomorrow I meet with Mother Anita at the venue. YAY! I'm so glad I'll be seeing her, finally. I was getting really scared though. I'm hoping to get some good pictures while we're there to really help me nail down decorating ideas. I can't believe I only have a little over a month to go. EEK! Note to self...remember to pay the bill for the furniture and the washer and dryer. Lol...I need a good old fashioned to do list. Also, remind future in-laws to pay photographer and bakery before Sept. 15th. And for me...pay the florist on Saturday. Getting married and having a house is expensive. At least we can save some money to buy a new car as soon as the wedding is over. I'll be really glad to start saving again instead of spending so much. :) Anyways I should get going to bed. I really want to go running in the morning. I just don't have as much time as I'd like to in the evenings to do that kind of stuff anymore. So...g'nite!
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