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Cleaning out the kitchen. Throwing away expired food sucks, but…

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Cleaning out the kitchen. Throwing away expired food sucks, but whatever it takes to make more space and get better organized. Saying goodbye to all the crap food as we finish it off (I'm too cheap and would feel horrible to throw out perfectly good food). Next step will be canning jars and jars to store food in the fridge/do our own sprouting. I hated grocery shopping before I started shopping at the farmers market, outpost, whole foods, and trader joes...buying healthy foods feels so refreshing.

Went out to maxwell street days this morning and had a great time with Amanda. Now for making some lactation cookies. Yum. So glad I finally found Brewer's yeast!! It has been an awesome weekend. Saturday morning I somehow managed to get showered without James here and started cleaning out the kitchen. Then when James got home we headed out to the Waukesha farmers market and saw Tracy there. Decided to head out to Bastille Days with her and her boys. Mason loves them, they love him, they listen to James. I'm so glad we became friends! Then it was time to head out with my work friends. We went gambling, then out to the bars and ended up at Bastille days again. It was so nice to have some adult time while knowing that my babies were home safe and happy with their daddy. :)

Anyways, lots to get done. Back to work!

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