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Change is good, right? I usually think that it's going to be, but then I have trouble adjusting. I'm hoping this time won't be so bad. Tomorrow starts with a change. Tomorrow I get to get up early and go work out. I'm paying for this, so I better get my money's worth. I need to get back into running. Not having time at the end of planning the wedding was one thing. Not having time now is just an excuse to be lazy. No more being lazy. Back to having an outlet, stress relief. It'll make my day better if I start it out right. So, off to bed early. Cleaning and organizing tomorrow after work. This house is in need of some changes as well. I'm really looking forward to finishing the basement. Hopefully we can get the dry wall done this weekend and maybe look towards painting next weekend. Then working on getting a door and some carpeting! We'll get there! Hopefully... :) G'night.
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