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Dear LJ... What should I get for Mason for Xmas? Kidding...kind of.…

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Dear LJ...

What should I get for Mason for Xmas? Kidding...kind of. No really I'll figure it out. I just feel totally outdone by my parents gift for him. Oh well...

I want another baby...really badly. Must, take, MCATS, first...ugh...responsibility, it's a killer.

New happy meds tomorrow!! Mason's belated 15 month appointment cause I'm terrible and thought he didn't have another one until 18 months. Oops! Sometimes it's hard to remember to take your kiddo to the doctor when he's incredibly healthy!

I wanted to get so much done tonight. But Mason had other plans. Like cuddling. So I'm not heartbroken over not cleaning the bathroom or folding the laundry. I'll take toddler cuddles over housework any day of the week.

I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. :( I want a day off! Oh wait, I get four days off then I start a new shift...woo hoo!

Oh, on another, much more depressing note, we did not make it to the WHO recommended 2 years of nursing. :( I'm super sad about it. But Mason seems to be over the whole nursing thing. And frankly my supply is pathetic and has been for a while now...so the end was coming regardless. I really would have liked to have had another baby soon enough that I could have tandem nursed, but that's not gonna happen. Oh well. I have tons of good memories from when he was a peanut and a boob-monster! :) It was a good run. I'm glad that I stuck it out through the hard parts and that my baby never had a drop of formula. Makes me proud of what we've accomplished.

Alright, off to search for a ski patrol jacket and go to bed so that Mason and I can get up bright and early tomorrow morning. Joy!
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